ERP Training Program

What Does ERP Stand For?

ERP, as we know, stands for Enterprise Resource Planning. A full-encompassing software solution, designed to integrate with a number of processes, systems, and resources. abas Business Software, for example, handles a huge and growing list, including:
Purchasing Sales Scheduling
CRM Service Processing Scheduling
Costing Materials Management Material Valuation
Cost Accounting Group Accounting Controlling
E-business Financial Accounting Fixed Asset Accounting
Portal Technology DMS Integration Mobile Solutions
More importantly, ERP and abas-USA stands for sustainable growth. Seamlessly combining all of the important business processes and functions allows you to effectively do your job, run your team, make sales—the day-to-day functions that keep your business growing year after year.

Advantages to ERP Training:
  • Trainings are conducted by ERP Consultants who have a good implementation experience.
  • Flexible timings, evening, weekend classes, customizable training contents as per the industry.
  • Our faculties are member of the interview boards which helps guiding the students in terms of preparation of the interviews.
  • Implemented Project Blue-Print provided to the students for real-life ERP exposure.
  • We are not only in training we also provide support, implementation services to our ERP clients which positions us to provide a good opportunity to our students to get real time experience.
  • State-of-the-art, sophisticated Air Conditioned LABS and in the heart of the city easily commutable.
  • Bank Loan Facility, Credit Card Accepted, Instalment Facility.
  • Unlimited Lab Practice, Weekend plus Evening Classes, & Guest House facility.
Eligibility Criteria
Basic Knowledge in C/C++
Course Duration
3-4 months


Course Outline (Module wise)

Module 1 Module 2 Module 3 Module 4 Module 5