Application Development

Application Development in kolkata Web Application Development indubitably caters to a market eager to lap products but at the same time demands innovation. Web applications for companies to conduct business online entails applications for collecting data about customers, taking orders, enabling payments through multiple modes of financial transactions, etc. Open source applications also are popular for ease of use and platform independence. However these need to be secure systems as web based applications are susceptible to attacks, through the internet, by hackers. Even the data transfer needs to be secured. This requires a lot of work in applications and networking, network management and information security. E-commerce is an important category in web application development. This would require specific features like shopping cart, order info and client data interface. This domain of applications is seeing tremendous growth as many more companies wish to augment their existing business model with web based services for sales as part of their growth and expansion plans. Web applications need to be developed giving due importance to the multitude of factors that come into play when an application is there on the internet for people to use. Security is a prime concern for such applications.