Email Campaign

Creating campaigns using Our Campaigns is relatively the easiest flow you can experience. Follow the below steps to create and send your campaign in as good as no time.

Build your Mailing Lists

Get receipient details into your account easily - Import contacts, add them manually or sync from your account.Use signup forms on your website pages and invite visitors to subscribe. The contact gets added to your mailing list automatically.

Choose Email Campaigning Templates :

Chose from dozens of professional, themed email templates. With Benchmark's stock of pro-designed templates, you won't have to worry about sending out something less than professional. You can also upload you own HTML code, and customize it in our Editor.

Customize templates in our editor

Our drag-and-drop editor makes editing easy, fast and fun. Choose background color, font type and size, insert images, videos or surveys. Call contacts by name in your emails. Make your template truly your own.

Schedule your Email Campaign

You can create you Email now and send it right away. You can also schedule campaigns to go out days, weeks or months later. At the time of scheduling you can see your own time zone as well.

Share on Social Media

Reach a wider audience. Share your email campaigns on Facebook, Twitter & LinkedIn and expand the reach of your campaigns.Let subscribers share your campaigns. Add social media buttons to your email campaigns and keep engaging your audience.

Track, Report & Compare

No more guess-work. View the performance of your email campaigns in real-time. Opens, Bounces or click-through-rates - the campaign report gives you the complete picture.Check the reach of your email campaigns on social media too. The social report gives you the number of tweets, likes, comments or views for every email campaign.